Residential Construction Services In Gauteng

Building a new home?
Building a complex?
Building onto your home?
Doing home improvements?

Well then contact the Residential Construction experts at Rocky Road Construction!
We are the specialists in residential construction, as well as other building construction and maintenance services. We are focused on saving you time and money.

Rocky Road Construction is a SANAS & NHNRC Approved, Level 2 BEE Residential Construction Company. We mainly service the Gauteng area and we meet all the statutory requirements. This is achieved through a consolidated maintenance crew, effective purchasing and preventative maintenance program.

All our residential construction designs and services and custom to your needs and specifications.

We have multiple teams of highly experienced and skilled individuals that will manage the entire construction / maintenance program on your behalf.

Besides Residential construction services, we also offer the following:

The Residential Construction Process:

After purchasing and transferring your property / land, you need to determine a realistic budget for your home construction project. It’s important to be aware of the possible expenses that may occur and try and budget for those expenses to avoid disappointment.

Before your residential construction projects starts you need to determine:

Why Choose Rocky Road Construction For Your Residential Construction Project?

So if you are looking for a reputable company to assist you with residential construction services, contact the expert team at Rocky Road Construction today!