Home Improvements

Designing and building your own home can be very exciting, but so can home improvements be. Making Improvements your home is not an easy task and in order to make sure it’s done according to the highest standards and specifications you need to make use of a professional home improvement company.

Rocky Road Construction is a leading expert in home construction or home improvements, repairs or maintenance.

We specialise in:

At Rocky Road Construction we offer specialised building and maintenance services that is focussed on saving you time and money. We are a SANAS & NHNRC approved company, as well as a BEE contributor.

At Rocky Road Construction we understand the importance of getting your home improvements done according to spec and therefore we make sure that we meet all statutory requirements. This is achieved through a consolidated maintenance crew, effective purchasing and a preventative maintenance programme, designed and based on your specific site requirements.

We make sure that we have multiple, highly trained and experienced teams and capable individuals that will manage the process, giving you complete peace of mind.

With our home improvement services or any other services, we have a team leader with all our teams that will ensure the quality meets with your approval as well as all related standards of approval. We also take care to work unobtrusively, creating as little distraction as possible, as well as working as speedily as possible, but still give you great results.

The process of home improvements:

Benefits Of Using One Company For All Your Building Contractors Services For Your Home Improvments

Time Savings

What’s the most common issue that construction projects run into? If you answered “getting behind schedule”, you are correct. When a construction company is working with subcontractors for all of the different parts and pieces, you’re at the whims of the subcontractors and their ability to do the work within your time schedule. Since construction often must be done in a very specific order, if one part of the project takes longer than expected, or if the contractor has scheduling conflicts on the days when they are supposed to be at your site, it can put every other part of the project behind.

Self-performing contractors who do essential tasks such as concrete, foundations, carpentry, framing, and more with their own skilled labour force, can save time by ensuring that the schedule is correct and it is followed, plus it’s more flexible if something falls behind schedule.

Better Quality Control

You’ve heard the saying, “if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself,” and this rings true in the construction industry. It’s not impossible to find a good subcontractor who can perform quality work, but you may have a slightly different style than other construction companies, which can make a finished project look disjointed, or the subcontractor might have hired someone without the proper skills to perform the work. Keeping it all under one roof ensures that you can hire the most qualified individuals and you can have checks and balances in place to make sure they do only the highest quality work on every single job.

Cost Savings

Self-performing construction companies often are able to save money in a variety of ways, including:
• Material costs
• Labour costs
• Reducing the impact of market fluctuations
• Scheduling efficiencies
• Accurate budgeting and forecasting

So if you are looking for a professional home improvement company that aims to give you the best results with fast turnaround times, contact the expert team at Rock Road Construction today.