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The storms we experienced on Monday 09/10/2017 wreaked havoc throughout parts of Gauteng, Krugersdorp and surrounding areas. This has left many properties with severe damage.

We understand the devastation and problems the storm caused, therefor our expert team at Rocky Road Construction is here to assist in any building damage restoration throughout Gauteng.

We are a construction company situated in Modderfontein, servicing the whole of Gauteng.

Rocky Road Construction offers a specialised building and maintenance service that is focussed on saving our clients’ money and time. Rocky Road Construction is a SANAS & NHNRC approved, Level 2 BEE Contributor.

Rocky Road Construction meets all statutory requirements. This is achieved through a consolidated maintenance crew, effective purchasing and preventative maintenance programme, designed and based on your specific site requirements.

We are also specialists in building damage restoration. Our team of professionals understand the urgency of your building damage restoration project and will therefore assist you quickly and effectively.

Some of our services include:

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