Seamless guttering

Our gutters are roll formed on site to any continuous length.
Corners gets mitred and sealed inside with a UV resistant sealant.
Gutters and downpipes comes in 14 different colours and is maintenance free.
Gutters and downpipes gets manufactured in industrial and domestic sizes.
By fitting seamless gutters you have no joints on straight lengths and no chance of leaking.
Our gutters come with a 15 year manufacturers guarantee and we offer a 5 year workmanship guarantee.

Fascia and barge boards

Nutec fascia and barge boards provide a functional finish by protecting the
underlying timber structure. From the elements, as well as adding visual
impact to the building. New fascia and barge boards will be painted with one
coat plaster primer then two coats of the desired colour.
A fascia board is fitted behind the gutter and barge boards on the gable ends.

Roof Buddy

The Roof Buddy system can effectively be used to replaces the outdated asbestos and fibre cement fascia boards and concrete Verge tiles.
The system is ideal for upgrading roofs and will add an attractive finish to the home. The system is suitable for concrete and steel roofs.

Roof painting / spraying

The key to our long lasting roof spraying projects is preparation.


We will first fix and seal roof screws, flashing and sheeting overlaps.
The roof will be cleaned by means of a hard bristled broom and running water.
We will apply a rust converter then primer before spraying two coats of the colour.


The roof will be cleaned by means of a hard bristled broom and running water.
Rigging will be sealed with applicable waterproofing.
One coat bonding liquid will be sprayed and then two coats of the colour.


Site specific solutions will be offered on site on any waterproofing queries.

Wall coatings

All loose paint will be scraped off.
Poly filler will be used where required.
One coat plaster primer will be applied where required then two coats top coat.